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NOVAKAIN - The Oh No! Unknown | Autographed CD + T-Shirt Bundle

NOVAKAIN - The Oh No! Unknown | Autographed CD + T-Shirt Bundle

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This Bundle Includes:

Texas NOVAKAIN Black Graphic T-Shirt

NOVAKAIN is a groove heavy / rock trio from Dallas TEXAS, that draws influences from old school 70’s rock music while adding their own modern twists to their songs. They keep their music raw with the crunchy guitar tones of KYLE KAIN , mixed with the artistic lyrics and edgy bass playing of his brother bassist / vocalist DYLAN KAIN. Nailed down with the solid yet funky drum chops of JOHN BEREUTER, NOVAKAIN has an infectious style of their own. The band has created a killer album titled “The Oh No! Unknown” that recently caught the ear of Tesla’s guitarist / producer Frank Hannon. Frank states: 

“I met these guys at a gig in Dallas TX hanging out in the parking lot. I didn’t even hear them that night. A few days later I listened to the album and was blown away! NOVAKAIN are the coolest “unknown” band I’ve heard in years and I’ve decided to help spread the word about them and this album.” 


  1. The Oh No! Unknown
  2. Absolute Power
  3. I Don't Care
  4. The Knife
  5. Stranger Danger
  6. Future Shock
  7. ZWP2
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