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From one Another, Vol. 2 (Autographed CD)

From one Another, Vol. 2 (Autographed CD)

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Volume 2 of "From One Place To Another” albums is definitely a step up for Frank as an artist. He to sing some of his favorite songs from VERY different genres, ranging from Aerosmith, Hendrix, Black Sabbath to SEAL.

"I am proud of VOL 1... but this new one came out a lot edgier and with some heavier tones." - Frank Hannon

Guests include Randy Hansen and Roger Fisher who happen to be my guitar heroes and have put more icing on the cake. Known for his “Magic Man” guitar sounds, ROGER FISHER and I recorded a Heart classic “Sing Child” which is almost as “funky” a song as the man himself, who’s guitar playing many will say was the best of HEART.

“Kiss from a Rose” is a vocal melody that has haunted me for years. When I decided to record it, I spent weeks researching SEAL on the internet and learned how he wrote the song with no instruments only using his voice as the music background. He recorded it in his apartment on a 4 track. This really opened my eyes and ears to the power of a vocal melody that drives a song and I recorded it similarly on my portable 8track in a dressing room on tour.

I hope you enjoy!
Frank Hannon
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