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Friday January 29th, 2016 - 3:59 pm

We are VERY excited to announce that the latest single by the Greg Golden Band is now available for download!!!-single/id1076812518
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Shawn SimpsonGood song

2 weeks ago   ·  2

Rodney MathisSee you on corpus Christi Texas Friday night

1 week ago

Dennis Joseph PotwinI have downloaded this version of "Old School Rock and Roll" and it is unbelievable! Frank Hannon pulls a 58 year old "Gibson Flying V" from Greg Golden's famous "Vault" and makes it do things it has never done before! Greg acquired this "1958 - Gibson Flying V" from a little Granny that played it in a Western Band!!!!!! Frank plays lead guitar on this song with that Flying V and Greg is jamming with him on his "1954 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top"! Jeff Montgomery is totally killing it on Bass while Randy Scoles is singing his heart out like no other!!! You can't appreciate it by listening to it on your "smartphone"!!! YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT AND PLAY IT ON A DECENT SOUND SYSTEM THAT CAN RATTLE YOUR NEIGHBORS WINDOWS!!!!!! The download is only 99 cents! It is absolutely incredible - download it and burn a Disc for yourself! Congratulations guys, you have outdone yourselves!!!!!!!

3 days ago   ·  2

Dennis Joseph PotwinGreg Golden, send me about a dozen hard copies, along with an invoice, so I can hand them out to my musically enlightened friends that seem to be a little on the slow side when it comes to downloading anything!! It will be my "Random Act of Kindness" from now through Valentines Day!

3 days ago   ·  1

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Frank Hannon’s “WORLD PEACE” Available Now!

“Frank Hannon kicks the music scene off it‘s ass with an epic album that reminds us all that Rock ‘N’ Roll will NEVER die!”
– BAM Magazine

Featured songs include powerful heavy protests such as “The Picture”, “Electric Chair”, “Born Free” and the happier positive melodies of “Lucky 13”, “Down The Road” and “Break The Silence”.

Both the title track, and the album “WORLD PEACE” not only showcase FRANK HANNON as a powerful lead singer and shredding lead guitarist, but also a prolific song WRITER. The recognizable sound of TESLA is evident along with the refreshing energy of an artist unleashed.

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