New Video “HUSH” (Featuring Randy Hansen)

“Hush” came about when Frank was on a tour with DEEP PURPLE in South America last year.  “I had been recording the album on the road in my dressing rooms. I heard Deep Purple play it every night and was reminded of how much I love the melody. Then shortly after I was performing solo shows on the Moody Blues Cruise alongside guitar legend Randy Hansen (who is the original Jimi Hendrix tribute guitarist) who also had covered “Hush” in a funky style.  After we got off the ship I invited Randy to be my special guest and we recorded the tracks live in my home studio. He plays amazing guitar licks on the song and it has ended up a favorite on the album” states Frank.  “Fast forward to this month and Randy came to Sacramento, CA to shoot the music performance video with us before he traveled to Europe for his Jimi Hendrix tribute shows.  I first met Randywhen I was 15 years old and our band would open up for his concerts.  He is a mind blowing performer then and still is today! I am honored to have him as special guest guitarist on my version of “Hush” and The Jimi Hendrix classic “Spanish Castle Magic”.


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