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Gypsy Highway

All Songs Written and recorded by Frank Hannon.
“This album of songs was made over a six month period in my home, and was a personal quest for me. Beyond playing and recording the instruments myself, it was the lyric writing and the lead vocal singing that played the most important role. As a songwriter and a musician who has made albums my whole life, this is really the first time that I focused on the art of writing words and singing songs in a ‘storytelling’ fashion. I learned that you must be honest, share some secrets about your life in the process and keep it real. I hope you enjoy it! See ya on the Gypsy Highway…” ~ Frank Hannon

Instruments used:

Gibson Kalamazoo Mandolin, Gibson J50, Hummingbird and Dove Acoustic guitars, Conn Selmer Flute, Handmade African Jembe Drum, Classical Nylon string guitar, Gibson SG bass, Fender Fretless bass, Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul guitar, Dean Banjo, Yamaha PSRS 500 keyboard with Piano and B3 Organ sounds, LP Bongos, Marshall JVM guitar amp, 5 piece Pearl drum kit, LP tambourine, egg shaker, Ebow, Dunlop glass slide & Boss Dr660 Dr Rhythm.

“Gypsy Highway”

Daytrotter Sessions


Directed by Chris Heinrich

“(High in the) Hills of california”

Directed by Kelly Smith