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Guitarz From Marz

Frank Hannon’s debut solo album ‘

Guitarz From Marz‘ spawned some all time classic hits like “Eye of the Mind”, the instrumental “Electric Warriorz” and “Angel” sung by Robbie Furiosi. ‘Guitarz From Marz’ is an eclectic mix of songs that showcase Frank’s diverse style from wild psychodellic imagary of the “Diamondz in the Sky” to the funky grooves of ‘Funk It Up!’ and the beautiful guitar work on “De’ La Luna Acoustica“.

“LIVE: Eye of the Mind”

Recorded by Jason Patterson at Diesel Concert Lounge | New Baltimore, MI

“LIVE: Chain Reaction”

Recorded 11/29/09

“LIVE: Electric Warriorz”

Recorded by Alex Vigilat Brick by Brick| San Diego 12/29/17