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You may have not heard Jeff Sandoval before, but that is quickly going to change with “Cross Your Mind” and “Love, Life and Beauty”. Jeff’s vocals bring these songs a heartfelt honesty to them that is sadly missing in most of today’s popular music.

Jeff Sandoval is best known for his work as the lead vocalist and songwriter of the newly formed rock band, Frank Hannon Band. Frank Hannon, co-founder of the multi-platinum band TESLA, along with Mike Araiza and Sandoval, debuted, Six String Soldiers, on July of 2012.
Jeffery Allen Sandoval was born on May 2nd, 1969 in Kingman, Kansas. At a very young age, Sandoval became fascinated with the drums. His father suggested that he play an instrument that he could afford, which led him to singing. He would emulate artists playing on the radio or turntable and began harmonizing with each song. Sandoval’s childhood influences included Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Paul Rodgers, Lou Graham, Brad Delp, Sammy Hagar, Steve Marriott, Marvin Gaye and Sam Cook.

Sandoval wrote his first song, “Turn It Around,” at age 14, with his close friend, Paul Martinez. He always had a love for music, but did not pursue it at that time. Sandoval later received a Presidential Scholarship from the University of New Mexico. In his junior year, his father was involved in an accident. Jeff left school, found a full-time job, and moved back home to help his family. To supplement his family’s income, Sandoval joined several local bands covering his favorite artists. Sandoval received the reputation that he could sing any style and cover any song. He met up with Marc Digilo, guitarist of XYZ, and began writing, recording, and producing his music. Together they created incredible music spanning various genres from rock to country and from reggae to blues. This point in his career proved to be pivotal in Sandoval’s future successes as it’s when he learned to truly respect the music and become agile. Marc continued to mentor Jeff for several years. They remain good friends.

Over the last 20 years, Sandoval has performed with a variety of musicians including Cortney DeAugustine, Steve Brown, Dan McNay Robbie Furiosi, Dickey Betts, Rick Derringer, Dave Meniketti of Y&T, and Pat Travers. In 2007, Sandoval met up with Mike Araiza through a mutual friend James Wood. Their collaboration, Of The Earth, was released in 2010.

Sandoval is currently contracted with independent record label, RedHawk Records.
Sandoval has been married to Sharon Gowan since 1995. They have two children, Makayla Shaye and Elijah Blu. They live in Albuquerque, NM and enjoy music and arts.