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[mp3j track=” Diamondz In The Sky.mp3″ title=”” ind=”n” autoplay=”y”] 1. Diamondz in the Sky 4:32 iTunes | Amazon
[mp3j track=” RE-Evolution.mp3″ title=”” ind=”n”] 2. RE-Evolution 3:31 iTunes | Amazon
[mp3j track=” Guitarz From Marz.mp3″ title=”” ind=”n”] 3. Guitarz from Marz 4:25 iTunes | Amazon
[mp3j track=” Chain Reaction.mp3″ title=”” ind=”n”] 4. Chain Reaction 4:29 iTunes | Amazon
[mp3j track=” Stop The War.mp3″ title=”” ind=”n”] 5. Stop The War 4:01 iTunes | Amazon
[mp3j track=” Angel.mp3″ title=”” ind=”n”] 6. Angel 4:55 iTunes | Amazon
[mp3j track=” Eye Of The Mind.mp3″ title=”” ind=”n”] 7. Eye of the Mind 6:05 iTunes | Amazon
[mp3j track=” Touch Of Magic.mp3″ title=”” ind=”n”] 8. Touch of Magic 2:54 iTunes | Amazon
[mp3j track=” De’ La Luna Acoustica.mp3″ title=”” ind=”n”] 9. De’ la Luna Acoustica 6:28 iTunes | Amazon
[mp3j track=” Electric Warriorz.mp3″ title=”” ind=”n”] 10. Electric Warriorz 4:30 iTunes | Amazon
[mp3j track=” Funk It Up!.mp3″ title=”” ind=”n”] 11. Funk it Up! 8:07 iTunes | Amazon
[mp3j track=” Mobias Flip.mp3″ title=”” ind=”n”] 12. Mobias Flip 2:14 iTunes | Amazon
[mp3j track=” Hyperspace.mp3″ title=”” ind=”n”] 12. Hyperspace 2:14 iTunes | Amazon

Frank takes us on a musical journey to the far beyond reaches of mind and space with “Guitars From Marz”. From the psychedelic vibe of “Diamonds in the Sky” to the groovy rhythm of “Funk It Up” this album covers the universe. One of Frank’s greatest instrumentals, “Electric Warriorz”, takes this already fantastic track list over the top! The cover art says it all, full of electricity, color and Frank in the center of the storm.



Produced by: Frank Hannon

All songs written by Frank Hannon except: “Angel” written with Robbie Furiosi “Stop the War” written with Joel Krueger

Album concept and arrangements by: Frank, Robbie and Joel

Artwork: Duane Serfass for I-Wear Graphics
Photography: Christy Hannon, Steve “Wasp” Hurta & Karl Vostrez

we would like to thank

GOD for listening to prayers, Our Families for putting up with all the extra hours, Christy Hannon for her love, patience, and great ideas, our bros in TESLA, Sterling Bacon @ Badman Mgmt., Chrys Roberts, John Vitale, Gil Vasquez and David Karon @ Washburn Guitars and Randall Amps, Steve and Joanne Bishop from Modern Vintage Amps, Brian and Joni @ Provident, Danny Kurywchak, Jess Balling, Brian Wheat, Jamie Sackett @, T.C. from Sac., Mike Ragusa, Mike Feusi, Kevin Aames, Mike Wheeler, Dave Alcazar, Rogue, Nick Nichols, Lenny Dean, Steve Clausman.

Jeff Rader and Wayno Myres (Rock In Peace), Tom Zutaut for inspiration, Artists Worldwide, Eddie Lance @ Liquid Code Design for the website and help! Duane Serfass for countless hours of artwork! Tim Hamilton for his friendship and legal assistance…